Spotlight on La Vita

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HCI Railings is excited to announce our participation in another beautiful Southern California project!

This year HCI Railings completed "La Vita" in the beautiful new community of Orchard Hills in North Irvine.

Each railing at "La Vita" is exceptionally crafted. The plan 1 model includes an all paint grade system and maple handrail, complimented by full white oak faux box treads with full paint grade risers. Additionally, sleek and unique "U" shaped balusters add a sophisticated edge to the beautifully designed home. For an alternate feel, the plan 2 model offers an all maple system with custom turned newel posts and versatile wrought iron balusters. Similarly, the plan 3 model includes an all steel system with white oak end treads and additional kickboards and skirtboards. Overall, the railings at “La Vita” are not only diverse, but hand crafted to perfection.

Congratulations to Brookfield Homes on the completion of another remarkable project!

In addition to our traditional interior and exterior systems, we are now featuring our contemporary systems as well, such as stainless steel, cable, and glass.

From the entry level to the luxury, from Central Coast to Chula Vista, from residential to commercial, HCI Railings has the solution for you!

We thank you for your continued support of HCI Railings and we look forward to working with you in the future!